-Youth Entrepreneurship-

A key component of “The Road to Nairobi 2016” project is the inquiry into the most impactful solutions and best practices from youth entrepreneurs in all eight countries. While on the road the Building Bridges team will daily meet with pre-identified and selected youth entrepreneurs to hear about their problem-based solutions and business models.

Based on their real life experiences, enabling factors will be identified. In each country, multi-stakeholder days will be held where three to five of the youth entrepreneurs get the chance to pitch their ideas to the private sector and local policymakers. At our High Level Meeting in Nairobi, five youth entrepreneurs with the most innovative and impactful ideas will pitch their ideas. The aim is to inspire concreate action: up-scaling initiatives of youth entrepreneurs and increase the youth employment rate.




-Research Youth Employment-

One of the key pillars of “The Road to Nairobi 2016” project is the identification of challenges and enabling factors of youth employment in all visited countries. There is a large gap between youngsters on the ground who dream of and are setting up their own enterprises and the policymakers. We aim to bridge tri-sector cooperation to scale-up local youth driven solutions for youth employment.

Prior to going onto the road, the Building Bridges team will conduct desk studies on all aspects of youth employment and entrepreneurship to understand the realities on the ground. During the country visits, the team will meet with young people and conduct in-depth interviews to study the lived youth employment experiences. The information gathered will be discussed and tested during the multi-stakeholder dialogue.

The Building Bridges Foundation brings together youth entrepreneurs and organizations, local policy makers, UN entities and Dutch embassies. It challenges all participants to engage in a lively dialogue about the identified challenges so that real solutions can be found. We will present the collected input in a country analysis so that the proposed solutions can be implemented.




-Multi-stakeholder cooperation-

The Building Bridges projects are based upon a multi-stakeholder approach to ensure sustainability. In all eight countries youth organizations, governments, NGOs, UN entities, the media and the private sector will be brought together to discuss concrete action.

The private sector will be introduced to and can invest in the solutions and businesses of identified youth entrepreneurs. Local policymakers can build upon the messages and lessons learned in the field in order to develop innovative policies. And youth ambassadors and local country teams will continue to be agents of change in their societies.