-About us-

The Building Bridges Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established in the Netherlands. The mission is to foster youth-led solutions from the grassroots in order to contribute towards the effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The first project of the Building Bridges Foundation included a cycle tour from Amsterdam to Cape Town to bring the voice of young people from all walks of life to the United Nations. More importantly, a youth network that covers three continents and twenty-one countries was created and will now be actively involved in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The project reached out to over 15 million people online, was discussed in the UN Security Council and broadcasted on national TV in more than eight countries. Key to the first project, and the Building Bridges Foundation in general, is the multi- stakeholder approach that brings together youth organisations, governments, NGO’s, UN entities, media and the private sector. We believe that only by working together with all stakeholders, we can achieve a more just, sustainable and equal world in 2030.


-The team-

Jilt van Schayik

Jilt leads the Building Bridges Foundation in their mission to build a bridge between young people on the ground and decision makers at all levels. He is a connector of dots and ideas, and his boundless optimism and enthusiasm probably has a lot to do with why we have gotten this far.


Samantha Ndiwalana

Samantha forms the bridge between the Youth Ambassadors in the participating countries and the core team. She is the thinker of the team and inspires us on a daily basis with new ideas and insights. Her role includes the coordination and implementation of the Road to Nairobi 2016 project and country level research.


Catherine Nyambura

Catherine’s personality and incredible experience lift both the team and project to the next level. She knows what she talks about and her tenacity inspires us all to keep going. Her role includes management of on the ground partnerships and the implementation of a strong gender component.


Teun Meulepas

Teun is calm and laid back in most situations, however; he loves the challenge of something new and always rises to the occasion. By asking the right questions at the right time he encourages the team to think deeper and to build stronger bridges. His role includes partnerships, fundraising, and event management.


Bukhosi Moyo

Bukhosi is the man behind the scenes that every team needs. His trustworthiness and his boundless energy help us to keep going when the days are long. He is the comedic captain of the bus whose role includes managing the security and logistics for the team.


Annemarelle van Schayik

Annemarelle is our communication hero. Her quick wit, way with words and her dedication to the project made her the natural choice for our media and communication strategy. She drafts our press releases, writes the content for our website and handles our social media pages.




The Building Bridges Foundation received the United Nations People Voices Award in New York as reward for the outstanding contributions of the first Building Bridges project.